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10 Best WP Securing Plugins!

WordPress is the ideal medium if you want to have a blog or website that’s in newspaper format.  There are many other services you could use, but because WordPress is so user friendly it’s easy to set up your blog to look like a newspaper (or a website, or whatever you want). The most interesting and useful part of WordPress are its developers. There is largest number of developers available for WordPress in the world. WordPress provides lots of options for developers to develop plugins, themes and software.



 1. WP DB Backup



 2. User Spam Remover



 3. Exploit Scanner



 4. WP Security Scan



 5. Stealth Login



 6. Stealth Login



 7. Limit Login Attempts



 8. Antivirus



 9. One Time Password



 10. Admin SSL Secure Plugin

Originally posted 2012-04-03 18:29:36.

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