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10 Best Social Networks Javascripts

Here is a list of the top 10 bset social networks javascripts, those scripts are cheap and easy to use and to intergrate at your site so you can easilly add your Updates & tweets at your site or you can add easy a button where the visitors can subscribe you or like your site!



1. Facebook Traffic Pop

Tap into Facebook’s 600 million plus users now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook traffic pop is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money!



2. Live Tweets – jQuery plugin

Live Tweets is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily create a LIVE Twitter feed on your website. You can search on hashtags (#apple), usernames, @mentions and more using the Twitter operators. All results will be pulled into your website resulting in a up to date feed.



3. Twitter Reactions

Twitter Reactions is a quick and easy method of displaying Tweets on a website that mention that particular page. It is a simple script that can be easily integrated on any website as long as your have access to the source code.



4. Scrolling Tweet Ticker

A jQuery based scrolling ticker for displaying real time updates from a twitter account.
Scalable width for easy integration with your specific application.
Includes a sleek, low-profile default style. Easily customizable by enabling the the “tickerOnly” option.
Supports multiple instances (All browsers except for Internet Explorer 7).
Real time updating enabled by default. Updating frequency can be easily configured.
Automatically detects and hyperlinks links,



5. TweetGrab

tweetGrab is an unobtrusive jQuery plugin and a jQuery-ed WordPress plugin that simplifies and enhances the process of embedding and referencing individual Tweets, @user feeds, #hashtag feeds, $ticker feeds, and general search results.



6. TwitScroller – Vertically Scrolling Twitter Feeds

A vertically scrolling ticker/scroller for displaying “tweets” from your Twitter account.
Easy to integrate into your current design.
Easily customizable design – All you need is a few lines of CSS .
Allows you to specify how many tweets to display at once.
Updates only once in order to conserve bandwidth.
Automatically detects links, @usernames and #hashtags, and converts them into HTML hyperlinks.
Uses JSONP to bypass SOP (Same Origin Policy) restrictions placed by browsers.



7. Twitter Ultimate-jQuery Plugin

Twitter Ultimate – A jQuery Plugin offer following features
Realtime Twitter Feed-Live Tweets
A realtime incoming tweets,live tweets
Autoplay On/Off
Realtime incoming tweets can be disabled/enabled on load
Start/Stop Feed
Options to start or pause incoming tweets
Speed Control Options
Ability to control speed of incoming tweets
Two types of search
You can either display tweets from an user or tweets mentioning a word
Tweets count options
Options to control number of tweets to be shown in the feed
Multiple Query Option
Options to have multiple queries
Easily Customizable
You can easily customize it by various options provided.You will be able to control speed of incoming tweets,Number of tweets to be shown in feed



8. Twitter Updates Widget

With this widget, you can show your latest tweets on your website. Create your own widget with its great customizability.



9. jQuery Social Modal Box

Get more visitors with this awesome plugin for social networking! It saves cookies (to remember) if someone share your link and then call callback. See it in action!



10. jQuery Social Bar

The jQuery Social Bar is a professional and elegant plugin that adds the possibility of show your social profiles in a sleek and innovative way.
Set the quantity of icons, links, texts, and speed animation easily.

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